The name Sentient spaces in a wide, all-capitals typefaceThe name Sentient Spaces, stacked, in a wide, all-capitals typeface

Atmospheric cinematic soundscapes for dark and moody dreams; an imagination soundtrack.

A white Spotify radio signals logo in a  circleA white Apple logoA white Bandcamp skewed rectangle logoA white Instagram camera logoA white Twitter bird logo
A wrinkled white grocery plastic bag with red repeating text "trash meditation", "Sentient Spaces", and additional information in red.
A dark globe on a dark background with pink, green, and blue noisy light coming from the top right and bottom left with an RGB glitchy streak
A glitchy, scan lined image of a crumbling concrete pillar with a more structured steel and concrete structure overhead
A photo in a mark museum, through a doorway lit by a window inside. A mirror rests on the ground, angled so the viewer can see the art on the ceiling
A photo of streaking sunshine cast across a concrete wall with rough concrete features
An image of a tree, superimposed over light leaks from a camera, inside a cream-coloured frame to mimic a polaroid picture
A murky image of rock with reddish light illuminating parts of the formation in the background
A macro image with very shallow depth of field of a fly caught in a  spider web
A blurry image of the atmosphere over earth
A photograph of a computer monitor with visible pixels and an abstract dots and lines image
A photograph of pipes snaking along the ceiling in a concrete tunnel
A photo of a dangling phone booth phone with foliage in the background
An overhead photo of a raging sea, with white waves on the right, and green sea on the left
A cropped photo from the inside of a space station, with dark controls in the foreground, and a partial earth through the window
A dark photograph of an old wooden harvest table, in an abandoned house, with a broken window in the background